RGnome is a gtk based frontend for GNU R, which is a widely used language for statistical computing. It features a fully working R console and an editor with syntax highlighting.

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There isn't a public release, yet!



Saturday, April 7 2007 - Gordon Bergling

NLS support is finished. Now work is going on to have a basic helpbrowser for the upcoming 0.2.0 release. Furthermore bugfixes for some things are now in the tree.

Sunday, April 1 2007 - Gordon Bergling

NLS support is nearly finished. Furthermore I started writing some webpages for the project and including some screenshots. ;)

Thoursday, Marth 29 2007 - Gordon Bergling

The development is steady and the Editor is nearly finished. NLS support is coming these days and thats the last major missing peace before the first release.